Accommodation solutions in Krakow

When a tourist from abroad wants to visit Krakow, he or she should prepare for that appropriately, which means that you have to start from finding a place to stay for the duration of your vacation. Immediately available solutions, ie. hotel rooms, aren’ t a good choice due to their prices – way too high for a typical tourist. Hotels have their standards, but usually this means that we pay for a bed( good if it’ s comfortable )and a bathroom, maybe a TV set.

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Experience history in Krakow

People often say that history is boring and it doesn’t really have too much in common with the present day times. However, it turns out that a history lesson doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Visiting Krakow will surely change your mind when it comes to the history and whether or not it has something to do with the present day times. Continue reading

Rented apartment or a hotel room?

Krakow is one of the most commonly visited by tourists cities in Poland – it is even more popular as a destination than the capital and it should not be surprising: while Warsaw( the capital of Poland )was nearly completely destroyed during World War II, Krakow survived it without practically any damage, which means that in Krakow tourists will see many buildings and places that are several hundred years old while in Warsaw such buildings are almost non-existent.

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Accommodation right at the heart of Krakow

The city of Krakow gives absolutely wonderful sightseeing opportunities. However, in order to explore and find out all about Krakow (, you need about a week. Therefore, you should really think about choosing an accommodation right at the heart of the city in order to learn what it feels like to live in the city of kings. Continue reading

How to find an apartment in Krakow?

Finding an accommodation in Krakow is extremely easy for many people: they just go there and take a room in one of hotels – there are many hotels in Krakow, so usually some rooms are available. If, however, you care about the quality of your stay and don’ t like to spend a lot of money on a hotel room( which does not offer you a lot of luxury, just the possibility to spend the night and take a bath or a shower ), and most importantly if you plan to spend in Krakow more than one day, you should rent an apartment. Continue reading