Choose the best offer of suites for rent in Krakow

Looking for a good offer of accomodation in Krakow can sometimes be quite tedious and we don’ t always find something really useful – that’ s why I decided to put here some information about the best source of cheap and comfortable apartments for rent in that city( well, at least in my opinion it is the best )an I will also give some reasons behind my choice.

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Krakow: suite or hotel?

The most common problem of tourists from abroad, who plan to visit Krakow for the first time, is the choice of the best available accommodation – there are hotels, of course, but in the vast majority of cases hotel rooms aren’ t considered as the most appropriate solution due to relatively high costs of renting a hotel room.

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Suites in the Old Town in Krakow

Sometimes when you walk through the narrow streets of Krakow’ s Old Town it is very difficult to say in what particular country you are currently in, because you hear so many foreign languages that it is easy to get confused – this is a normal situation in Krakow though, because there are thousands and thousands of tourists arriving here every month.

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Temporary home in Krakow

Going for vacation to Krakow with our family is sometimes quite problematic and the most important problem is the matter of accommodation – we don’ t like to pay for hotels, because hotel rooms are very expensive and they aren’ t the most comfortable places on Earth as well. On the other hand there aren’ t many other options available, but of all of them apartments for rent in Krakow appear to be the closest to our own home in terms of the level of comfort and the amount of available space( usually at least ). Continue reading