How to find an apartment in Krakow?

Finding an accommodation in Krakow is extremely easy for many people: they just go there and take a room in one of hotels – there are many hotels in Krakow, so usually some rooms are available. If, however, you care about the quality of your stay and don’ t like to spend a lot of money on a hotel room( which does not offer you a lot of luxury, just the possibility to spend the night and take a bath or a shower ), and most importantly if you plan to spend in Krakow more than one day, you should rent an apartment. Continue reading

Accommodation in Cracow

Generally speaking there are plenty of possibilities when comes to finding a good accommodation in Cracow, but in reality these choices are somewhat limited – as we all know very well a tourist will typically not choose a hotel as the place to stay due to the high costs of such solution. Thanks to that there appeared hostels, private quarters and apartments for rent in Cracow, but of all the above mentioned solutions only the latter( suites for rent )can be called really good. Continue reading

Krakow: apartment in the Old Town

There are many possibilities when comes to choosing a good accommodation in Krakow, but in general it is far better to find something in the center of the city( even if it is slightly more expensive than other offers )than to rent an apartment in the suburbs and use the public transport to go to the center and to go back from the center to your rented suite.

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Apartments in Krakow – available options

During the last several years the number of tourists visiting Krakow has increased by quite a large number and some of these tourists wanted to stay for longer than one day. This means that there is a huge( and still growing )need for more and more accommodation solutions in Krakow – of course there are already many hotels available, but tourists very rarely consider any hotel as a good choice due to the prices of hotel rooms.

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